Welcome to the ONE POINT FOUR® pepper spray formula, featuring an "almost" blistering 1.4 Major Capsaicinoids (MC) as rated by an independent third party testing laboratory.  We start with the best pepper extract in the world at 5,300,000 SHU, and then we use twice as much pepper to come out with our ONE POINT FOUR MC formula. 

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Distance is Safety

Most 1/2 ounce pepper sprays have a distance of around 8 feet. There's a reason police carry the Fox Labs pepper spray with a distance of up to 15 feet. Carry what the police carry.™

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Still crazy after all these years. We have the hottest base pepper spray in the world with 5,300,000 Scoville Heat Units. Preferred by law enforcement agencies worldwide, this is the Fox Labs FIVE POINT THREE legacy formula.

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Mean Green® Pain and Stain Pepper Spray with Green Marking Dye

Mean Green starts with the purest pepper spray ever made. It's virtually clear, which then allows us to add a staining green dye to the mix to mark an assailant with a staining green dye. They'll never forget getting hit with Mean Green staining pepper spray.

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