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Gray Man Ballistipac Bullet Proof Tactical Backpacks (Backpack Only, Body Armor Sold Separately)

Gray Man Ballistipac Bullet Proof Tactical Backpacks (Backpack Only, Body Armor Sold Separately)

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It's a tactical backpack that converts in a second to a front and rear plate body armor.  This listing is for the backpack only, which you will want to then pair with the Fox Labs Body Armor or other hard or soft body armor of your choosing.

You can't walk around with a normal plate carrier, which screams "BODY ARMOR."  You can walk around all day with the Fox Labs Ballistipac Bullet Proof Tactical Backpack, because it looks like a regular backpack until you need it to save your life.  For those of you looking for GRAY MAN (or woman) undetectable accessories, you have found the ultimate concealed self defense system.  Blend in, don't stand out, hide your skills until you need to show them.

The BALLISTIPAC Standard Backpack DOES NOT ship with any Body Armor Plates. The Shield Standard Backpack is designed to house Body Armor Plates but any Body Armor must be purchased separately and installed by the end user.  That's what makes this legal for us to sell and ship anywhere in the United States.

BALLISTIPAC Standard Backpack* features a concealed, patented, Quickdraw™ system, hidden securely within a rugged yet comfortable backpack. The Quickdraw™ plate carrier deploys in seconds with just one hand. 

The BALLISTIPAC Standard tactical backpack also functions as a traditional backpack. You will find storage for your laptop, accessories, and key essentials. It looks like a regular backpack ... until you transform it.

We've also included the waist retention band for stability on the move, and a matching (empty) IFAK Accessory pouch with quick side detachment.  

*The BALLISTIPAC Standard Backpack alone offers no ballistic protection and is designed to be used with ballistic panels which are sold separately and must be inserted by the end-user.  We recommend adding the Fox Labs Body Armor, but we sell that separately in case you want to use separate armor with your BALLISTIPAC.  Because this item itself contains no armor, it can be sold anywhere in the United States.  

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