Unlike other companies that use an expiration date we use birthdates. The shelf life is 3 years from the date on the can for all 1.5.,2oz.,3oz., and 12oz. units and we recommend replacing 2 years from the date of purchase.  For our key chain units the shelf life is 2 years and we recommend replacing them every year.

You will be pleased to know that none of our products freeze, however you may lose some distance, in extremely cold temperatures.  For example, if a unit usually sprays 15ft. it may only spray 12ft.  We are not able to give a definitive answer due to the different variants of product and temperature.  The loss in distance will not diminish the effectiveness of product.

Our products are designed for use on humans, for that we reason we recommend using Guard Alaska which is specially formulated for bears.

Recommendation is dependent on the user. We would recommend the cone fog pattern for someone who has not had prior target training and does not feel confident that they can hit a target in a stressful situation.  We make this suggestion, because the pattern reaches a wider target area and by doing so increases your chances of hitting the face and eyes of the assailant.  Weather variables should also be taken into consideration when using a cone fog pattern as it is more likely to have blowback in windy situations.

State laws vary from state to state.

Due to the contents of the pepper spray it should be disposed of in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

Oil based requires a solvent, something that allows the carrier and pepper to mix. These types of products work faster on a wider range of subjects. Water based products are water soluble.  They usually work a little slower than oil based products and usually clean up easier.

Our patented Sudecon® decontamination wipes have earned a reputation for being the best product in the category.  They can also be used to wipe down hard surface areas.  Their patented formula can aid in reducing discomfort faster and better than anything else in the marketplace.  We recommend “at least” two towelettes per person.

Ideally, you would want to store your product at room temperature. As with all aerosol products exposure to extremely high temperatures may cause the unit to burst.  Our units should not be exposed to temperatures that will exceed 120°F or 49°C.

While generally any of our products can be used, for indoor defense, we recommend the foam unit because it has minimal cross contamination however, you must be much more accurate when using foam to make sure you hit the subject in the face and eyes.  Use of a cone fog makes it easier to hit the attacker but it will create the possibility of cross contamination.  The stream unit will not cross contaminate as heavily as a cone fog unit.

It’s a misconception that more pepper is better.  On the contrary using a lower percentage of a more pure pepper resin with a higher SHU rating will allow the product to work faster, more consistently on a wider range of people.

The stream is precise straight solid stream spraying with a higher force.  Whereas, the splatter stream is a broken wider nozzle opening with larger droplets.

Like No Other.

For over 25 years, our unique client base of law enforcement officers, military, tactical units, secret service and government officials has come to know Fox Labs as the world leader in protection products like pepper spray and other tactical defense products. We invite you to explore our complete collection and compare our products to our competitors — we believe the choice is clear. 

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