Fox Labs has a reputation of seeking-out and providing factual information to the marketplace. In virtually every important area of our business we have been the leader in bringing this data to market along with product. We were the company who, in 1993-94, researched, developed and introduced the first true 2 Million Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) aerosol defense sprays to the marketplace (in 2% OC, 5% OC and 1% OC & 1% CS formulas). During this period most products were an ineffective 50,000 to100,000 SHUs. SHU’s determine the intensity and effectiveness of an Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) spray; the percentage of OC in a formula is not as important. No other company preached this ‘truth’ prior to the Fox product rollout. In 1998 and 2007 Fox Labs introduced formulas using resins that had never been used in defense sprays before. FIVE POINT THREE and MEAN GREEN ® were not only the first products of their kind, they remain the best products in the categories.

Today, over sixteen years later, we continue to be the leading proponent of SHU’s over percentages and are still striving to overcome the misconceptions that have been extolled by others in our concerning percentages of OC versus SHU’s. Others put sales above safety when they sell percentages of OC higher than 6% in formulas. Even the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, said that in terms of strength versus percentage, “…percentages may be misleading, because it is the strength of the OC in the spray that determines its effectiveness, not its percent of volume. Moreover, strength is usually measured in Scoville Heat Units: the higher the SHU’s, the greater the inflammatory capacity of the OC. Also, OC is an oil; to work, it must atomize into a fine spray. Because oily solutions do not break up as easily into a mist, solutions greater than 5 percent OC may not atomize as well.”


National Institute of Justice Technology Assessment Program, March 1994


Additionally, higher percentages of OC mean longer recovery times, and this increases opportunity for health-related problems that translates into greater liability risk.


Fox Labs product roster is unmatched in the industry. All of our outstanding products were the first of their kind. They have unsurpassed field-proven reliability, and their overall superiority is unparalleled. In 1993, Fox 5% OC and 1% OC & 1% CS defense spray formulas rated at 2 Million SHU revolutionized the industry¾they have become legendary by those who have experienced their effect. Others have tried to follow. The Full Safety Holster is truly incomparable. Introduced nationally by Fox in 1994, no other defense spray holster comes close to its’ safety features. It is patented to protect against imitators. In January 1995, Fox introduced Sudecon® Decontaminate Wipes. Sudecon® has become the leader in aerosol defense spray aftercare because it really works! And nothing in the world can work like Sudecon® because it, too, is patented. In 1996 we introduced Bad Bob® and HeadShot Bob®, the unique tactical target training systems that have features that cannot be duplicated by other target systems because they are also patented. In August 1998, Fox introduced a line-up of aerosol defense sprays called “FIVE POINT THREE.” This is unquestionably the ultimate breakthrough in less-lethal defense spray technology and another industry leading offering from Fox—a 2% OC formula using resin rated at a stunning 5.3 million SHUs! In August 2007 Fox introduced, MEAN GREEN, the world’s first green pepper spray product line.

Historical Overview

Fox Labs, Incorporated, was founded in 1992. The intent was to create and sell the best less-lethal, self defense spray products available to the civilian market. In 1993, after investing over $250,000.00 in research, it was determined that law enforcement agencies could benefit from new, improved formulas and products and the primary marketing objective was revised. Fox personnel did more interviews with officers from around the country and, working with one of the leading chemists in the field, created formulas that became industry benchmarks: FOX Premium Aerosol Defense Sprays.
In 1993, FOX LABS became the first company to introduce law enforcement agencies to a 5% Oleoresin Capsicum (OC), less-lethal, non-flammable, aerosol defense spray using a true 2 Million Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) resin in their formula. Simultaneously they introduced 2% formulas using OC rated at 2mm SHU OC and 1% OC & 1% CS (teargas) formulas-¬and revolutionized the industry! Other companies followed the Fox Labs lead by creating formulas of 5.5%, 10% and even greater solutions claiming that “more was better.” This was not and still is not true, although they still persist in spreading this misinformation. Higher percentages of OC delay how fast the formula can work(that is how fast the formula’s heat properties can be absorbed by the skin) making them less safe to use in situations where one is being attacked and needs virtually instant stopping power. Higher percentages of OC also increase recovery time and therefore the liability risks. The truth is there are two things that determine the intensity and effectiveness of an aerosol defense spray product. First it is the SHU rating, and secondly the base ingredients within the formulas. FOX Premium aerosol defense sprays are still the leaders in these categories and are used by virtually every type of law enforcement agency and their officers in addition to civilians from all walks of life all over the world. Because of their field-proven reliability and extraordinary stopping power FOX Premium aerosol defense sprays have become legendary amongst the people who use them.

Full Safety Holster – Designed by a police officer for police officers.

Fox Labs also introduced another unique product in 1994–the Full Safety Holster. Designed by a police officer for police officers, this incredible and incomparable holster revolutionized the way an officer could more safely carry and use aerosol defense spray canisters. It is so different it is patented. The marketplace is full of cheaper, less practical holsters, but there is still only one Full Safety Holster.

Sudecon® Decontaminant Wipes

In January of 1995 Fox Labs introduced another breakthrough product initially designed for law enforcement: Sudecon® Decontaminant Wipes. Nothing in the world works like Sudecon®. It has become the leader in aerosol defense spray aftercare because its’ patented formula instantly strips chemical agents (OC, CS & CN) from the skin and stops the burning of the eyes and skin usually in 7 to 15 minutes or less! It does this without water and with the eyes closed! No other product in existence does this more thoroughly, more consistently or more safely than Sudecon®. And no other product can claim or live up to these facts. This has been confirmed by tens of thousands of individuals and by numerous police academies, departments, agencies and the US Army. Now Sudecon® is also being stocked and used within public schools, hospitals, fire departments, and EMS units. As with the Fox Premium Sprays, Sudecon® is becoming legendary for its’ reliability, quality and unsurpassed effectiveness.

Bad Bob Tactical Target Training System

1996 saw the national rollout of the Bad Bob Tactical Target Training System.This product was designed to give a more realistic impression of engaging a human target during live-fire training. It has many features, but is unique in that only a shot to the vital areas of the target’s head, neck and chest will cause it to go down. After the LA bank robbers who were clad in body armor stymied the officers who responded to the call, we created another version of this exceptional target and named it HeadShot Bob. This system trains an officer to go to the head if body shots are unsuccessful, because only accurate and consistantly placed shots to the head can make it go down.

In July of 1997 the company changed its name to Fox Labs International, Incorporated, to reflect its growing global presence. In just over three years Fox product sales had spread throughout the United States into Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, and South America–they had even been introduced into Russia. Everyone from sweet little old ladies to the US Army had used Fox products; their reliability continued to be unrivaled in all areas and the positive word-of-mouth testimonies continued to spread.
Not content to sit on their laurels and desiring to provide both law enforcement and the civilian markets with unparalleled education about aerosol defense sprays and decontamination products, Fox continued to explore new avenues to provide an aerosol defense spray that would make individuals even safer and more effective when using this type of product. In August of 1998, they succeeded and again established a new standard by introducing FIVE POINT THREE, a 2% OC formula using resin rated at a true 5.3 million SHU! FIVE POINT THREE was a major breakthrough for law enforcement agencies because it afforded all of the unbridled stopping power of higher percentage formulas while reducing the recovery time and liability concerns associated with other aerosol defense sprays. Additionally, because the resin was so much purer, and it was used in a lower percentage, the formula worked faster, creating intense heat virtually instantly, meaning most subjects were compliant in 3 seconds or less! As training officers and other decision makers became aware of this new product and the real benefits it offered, it changed the face of the aerosol defense spray market just as the introduction of the FOX 5% formula did in 1993.
Fox is continuing to grow and fulfill the needs of civilian and law enforcement communities, not only by providing superior products but also by giving exceptional service. For example, in one instance, Fox was selected by the US Army to provide products for the peacekeeping troops in central Europe. A rush order was received on a Friday evening, via e-mail, after all Fox service facilities had shutdown for the weekend. Even though none of the Fox associates became involved until Monday morning, the order was completely shipped out by Tuesday afternoon. This is the first time that Fox had an order this large with such an urgent delivery date. However, it isn’t the first time served the needs of military peacekeeping troops — they first did so for the Canadian military in Haiti in 1995-96.
In March of 2001 the president of Fox Labs International met with the president of *Pine Tree Law Enforcement Products of Canada, and they immediately found they shared a philosophy that put making money second to providing superior quality products and service to law enforcement and military professionals. Based upon this firm, (and in these times) unique foundation, the two men started working together to find ways to reach the greatest number of professionals with their superlative products and training programs. The initial collaboration was to hold the first class for Fox Labs Defense Spray Master Instructors at Pine Tree’s Canadian facility. The international class included law enforcement professionals from the four corners of the North American map: Texas at the south, Washington state in the west, North Carolina for the east, Quebec in the north, and many other areas of both the US and Canada. The class proved to be a great success and the next step was to wait for the right timing to bring these two great companies’ products and services together for the common good. The tragedy of September 11th proved to be the catalyst.
Pine Tree had a conceptual blueprint for a less-lethal weapon that had been shelved for 23 years. With the advent of needing a less-lethal weapon that could be easily carried and even concealed, yet that would not cross contaminate passengers, or put a hole in an aircraft, the timing was appropriate to resurrect the project—The Defender Series 20-Gauge Revolver was born.
Throughout 2001-2002 Fox Labs and Pine Tree had built a following for the Fox Labs line of superlative defense sprays throughout Canada. Now, Pine Tree was ready to introduce The Defender to the world. Having already established a proven successful relationship, Fox Labs was the natural choice to introduce it to the American market. This natural progression of events led to an agreement to offer the entire Pine Tree line-up of absolutely incredible products via Fox Labs International and their distributors.
In March of 2005, in order to create the influx of cash required to continue to meet the growing needs of their R&D department, Pine Tree became Lamperd Less Lethal, a public company. The infusion of capital allowed Lamperd to purchase the extruding equipment necessary to mass-produce their patented WASP less lethal rounds. These, and their other less-lethal ammunitions continue to surpass those produced anywhere else, and they are responsible for innovations like tail stabilizers for sock rounds and rubber bullets. Their partnership with DuPont and Bayer to use new technologies for the improvement of less-lethal projectiles has resulted in improvements that will make the rounds even safer and will continue to revolutionize the industry.

Interlocking Riot Shields

Their Interlocking Riot Shields, first developed by Civil Defence, are used widely throughout the world, except in America. Pine Tree (Lamperd) improved them, and Fox Labs International has been enabling the U.S. law enforcement community and military forces to take crowd control and cell extractions to a new level. These shields are more than tools; they are also safety devices that will protect officers not only from various projectiles, but even liquids like Molotov cocktails!
Since 1993, Pine Tree (Lamperd) had been providing custom apparel, accessories, and training equipment to the Canadian law enforcement community and military forces. Their quality has been proven time after time after time in real field use and hundreds of classes. They have a reputation on both sides of the Atlantic for creating custom items, too. Whether it is a specialty vest, holster, tactical jackets, pants, pouches, coveralls, or virtually anything in the fabric realm, Lamperd Less Lethal can provide it to you in a timely and cost effective package. Just one example is when the Canadian military came to Pine Tree (Lamperd) with the complaint that their rain jackets were too snug to fit over their tactical gear. Pine Tree (Lamperd) designed a new version that combined function with fit and comfort—and did so for a lesser cost than similar jackets in the market place that didn’t offer the same list of great features. Because Pine Tree (Lamperd) has such a sterling reputation, they were selected to be the North American manufacturer of the superb Peter Jones accessories line. These unique holsters for defense sprays, expandable batons, and handcuffs are already a proven success in the UK and Europe. We believe that once used by the North American LE community, particularly security personal, they will become a paramount choice here, too.
The robotics market is still relatively new to the LE and military communities, although as they have become more sophisticated, civilian organizations have been using them with greater frequency. Lamperd Less Lethal has combined the best of the robotics industry with the best in less-lethal technology to create a robot mounted with cameras, searchlight, and two 20-gauge revolvers making it the first and only product of its kind! Although this is a specialty item, Fox Labs believes it will become quickly apparent to those that can use it that this robot, and others utilizing the same kind of imagination and creativity will allow officers to do things that heretofore have been unattainable.

Lampered Less Lethal Training

Finally, the continued partnering with Lamperd Less Lethal for all of Fox Labs’ training will continue to set us apart and above all other manufacturing companies training courses. The width and breath of these programs are simply unmatched by any single company currently in the market. When you add the organizations and individuals that take this training, and are in turn taking it to their customers, it is easy to see why our network has not taken long to expand worldwide, and the philosophy of quality, safety and integrity has spread on its great merits.

Crowd Control Tanks

In 2006, after two years of evaluation, Fox Labs and Lamperd Less Lethal introduced the CCT (Crowd Control Tanks) unit for public order/riot control. Like all of the products Fox Labs has offered, it is unique. It has many features that are not available from other products. It is capable of projecting a stream of defense spray 10 meters (40 feet), for up to 2 minutes non-stop, or can fire up to 250 short, individual bursts. Because the system is contained in a backpack, it enables the officer who carries it to have complete freedom and use of both hands and arms. You can read more about this superlative weapon in our product pages under Pepper Sprays.


In August 2007, Fox Labs was first again, this time by introducing MEAN GREEN® H2OC®: an OC formula consisting of resin rated at 3,000,000 Scoville Heat Units, that is so purified it is virtually clear. Not even their 5.3 million Scoville Heat Unit resin used in their famous “FIVE POINT THREE® ” formulas is as pure. This enabled Fox Labs to add green dye to the formula making it distinctive from all other formulas in the marketplace. It not only maintains the legendary stopping power that all Fox Labs’ formulas are known and recognized for, but with the addition of the green color they offer the additional benefit of a deterrent that makes assailant identification much, much easier. Whether for the LE professional in a riot situation, undercover work, or in a corrections facility, or for a woman alone on a dark street, the stopping power, and identification properties of this product are unmatched.

White Lightning®

Introduced in 2015, the White Lightning® product line utilizes the same water-based formula used in MEAN GREEN, but instead of using a visible green dye, it contain an ultra-violet dye, which is only visible under black light.


So please remember, whether you are a civilian, a police officer, a medic or in the military, Fox Labs was created to serve you. Fox Labs, their associates and distributors will continue to do this by providing you with the absolute best products available in their categories and through research, prompt, quality service, and continuing education. Fox Labs International is a private company. The only people we have to answer to are you, our customers. As we continue to expand, we will remain mindful of these facts and assure you that we will always continue to put you and your needs first. You will find that, like you, we take your needs and safety seriously.

Like No Other.

For over 25 years, our unique client base of law enforcement officers, military, tactical units, secret service and government officials has come to know Fox Labs as the world leader in protection products like pepper spray and other tactical defense products. We invite you to explore our complete collection and compare our products to our competitors — we believe the choice is clear. 

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